Christian & Kelly

My wife and I had Kristana as our Coordinator for our wedding at Leoness Cellars Winery in November of 2014. When we first started planning our wedding, we knew it was going to be under 100 guests and since the package with Leoness Cellars covered a lot of the coordinating, we didn't see the need to bring in any outside help. Cut to a few months before the wedding, and my wife and I are about to explode from "hands-on" family stress, and that's when we decided that bringing in some help might not be a bad option. We were introduced to Kristana through our photography vendor, Spotlight Studios, as she was their in-house wedding coordinator. After a few phone calls and a meeting, we decided to bring her into the fold without even looking into or considering another coordinator. At first we thought, "Wow she's so young!", but she presented herself so professionally that we instantly put our trust in her abilities. In our one-on-one at the winery we went over more details and Kristana got to know us. We ended up sharing stories over some wine tasting and really just connected as people. In that time spent together, Kristana let us vent all of our frustrations and stresses about the wedding. She was a wonderful support and was so genuine in letting us know that her number one job was making sure WE were happy. Not the venue, not our parents, US. She was on our side, 100%. That meeting singlehandedly turned the wedding around for us, especially for my wife who had almost given up thinking she would enjoy her own wedding. The details of the wedding day are a blur, but throughout it all, Kristana was on point. We're so happy to have worked with her and cannot recommend her highly enough. In this day and age of smaller weddings and idea-mining websites like Pinterest and Etsy, a wedding coordinator can seem like an unneeded expense. All I can say is that having Kristana there making sure things ran smoothly but also as an extra emotional support, was indispensable.