Brett Timmins

Kristana might be the nicest person in the world!! But she is definitely the best wedding coordinator in the world. From day one working with us, she went over the top to make sure things were PERFECT for our wedding. I really can not express how wonderful, organized, and on top of things she was. She made my life so amazing, because my wife did not have to deal or stress about anything. I can not thank you enough for that, there is so much stress during weddings and Kristana makes you feel completely at ease. Also, one of the sweetest things Kristana did was come over one night before the wedding to just sit with us and get to know us and make sure she was on the same page as us.

You are the best wedding planner and I know you will make so many other couples happy like you did for us.

Thank you again. Mackenzie and I love you! : )