Arin Nurani

I'm going to try to stay away from cliches in this review BUT know something - choosing a wedding coordinator is THE MOST important vendor decision you will make in your wedding. Period. I challenge anyone to tell me otherwise... no coordinator means you don't get to enjoy your wedding... a bad coordinator ruins your special day... a good coordinator makes your special day wonderful.... an amazing coordinator makes the wedding appear as if it ran itself. Kristana is the latter.

I hired Kristana for a very specific reason - I needed someone who could take charge yet handle the most difficult guests and vendors with grace. My wedding was not an easy one to plan. My (now) husband and I decided to get married on a US Military base, which comes with it's own set of challenges (on top of the normal wedding ones). Knowing there would be added issues, I insisted on a coordinator. My husband didn't understand why we needed one (don't worry if your fiance is the same.. most of them focus on tangible things as the important items). I flat out demanded one (yes, a rare bridezilla moment on my part because I knew how important it was). Trust me, men, you do NOT want to be trying to deal with Great Aunt Nancy and her peanut allergy at the same time you're trying to tell the florist to give the corsage to your mom while attempting to stare lovingly into your new wife's eyes. See? Things like that exist - the seemingly most trivial things will take up the most time. And take you away from what you should be focused on... each other and having the most wonderful day possible. Regardless of how much you're spending on your wedding, why spend all that money then have no follow through? It would be like training for the Olympics then deciding to show up without your coach. Not a good idea. Kristana is a good idea. Regardless of the time of day (or night... again, I had a few bridezilla moments) she was always available with a solution. I remember the time that sticks out the most to me, although there were OH SO MANY TIMES. The week of the wedding, I got a text from the florist asking me to meet with her to give her my vases so she could begin to put together the centerpieces. Uhhhhhh. What? She hadn't told me she needed it before the wedding, I was planning on bringing them the day of the wedding. Naturally, I freaked out - especially since the best part about having a coordinator is they deal with the vendors for you! I immediately sent Kristana 4 texts (including screenshots - sorry Kristana!!!) freaking out about the fact that I didn't know it had to be done ahead of time and also kinda panicked about how to communicate with the vendor. I then sat at my desk and stared at my phone. Guess what? Kristana text back right away with a great solution (I could give them to her and she would take care of it) and I was like "oh. duh. that's what she's here for." There were so many moments like that (don't even get me started about the missing guest book and how she sent her assistant to a craft store in the middle of my wedding to get a new one before anyone noticed).

Clearly, my story is this: Kristana saved the day more than once during and in the months leading up to my wedding as well as at the actual wedding. She's probably the best investment I've ever made. In my life.